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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Led strobe lights

Today I finally mounted and tested my LED strobe lights with my DiyDrones APM 2.5 board.

- HobbyKing CORN LED White
- HobbyKing CORN LED Red
- HobbyKing CORN LED Green

- Voltage: 12V
- Power: 1.0W
- Dimensions: 29x11mm
- Weight: 2g (Each)

On this corn led 5 indiviual leds are mounted. The corn led needs 12v to work. For RC users this means you need to connect it to a 3 cell lipo battery. The corn led will NOT work when connected to a 2 cell lipo.
The corn led consumes 1 watt. So you can NOT connect is directly to the apm flight control board. You can just connect them directly to the lipo battery but the you have no APM signaling. If you would like to connect them to the "arm signal pin" or the "navigation signal pin" you need some extra resitors and transistors to drive the led's. See shematic below. Pay attention to the polaristion of the corn led's they have a + and - pin. Remove the plactic cap (just slide backwards) to see which pin is + and - . On my setup I connected 3 corn leds to the arm pin. So i need one 1K resistor and 3 x BC547C transistor. You should be able find these common and very low cost electronic components in almost every diy electronics shop.

And here is the movie on the first indoor and outdoor test flight with these corn led's

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