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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First FPV flight in 2014

During winter I made a little breakout board that I mount directly on to the APM 2.5 board. On this breakoutboard I have soldered a voltage diver that is connected to the APM voltage sensor pin. On this board I also soldered some kind of plug-in slot for my analog RC module. Now the RC module is connected to the APM without any cable. I also mounted the Hobbyking HD Wing CAM.

The Y6 is flying stable and smooth. But the MAG is currently disabled because of EMF noise comming from the motors. This also influences the video capturing. I can easely fix this by extending the motor arms. But this makes my Y6 larger. When I have the time I'll try to benchmark this to find a save min distance between APM and this type of motor.

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