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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The DIY Y6 carbon frame how-to

step 1:
So here it is. The full carbon Y6 frame. It's simple to make.

At first I glue the arms as created in my previous blog to the bottom plate of the frame. The bottom plate I used is a carbon fiber 150mm x 100mm x 2mm plate. Because I use round tubes its much more to place and mount them correctly when you glue them with 30min epoxy. When the glue is hard the proceeed to step 2

step 2:
Now glue the top plate on top of the arms. As top plate I used a 150mm x 100mm x 1.5mm carbon fiber plate. When you used high quality epoxy then this frame will be strong enough. If you do not have configence in the glue you used then drill some 3mm holes from top plate trough the round tube trough the bottom plate and add some screws.

I also drilled 4 holes in the top plate where I'll put anti vibration rubbers. All my electronics will be mounted on a second topplate. This will reduce vibration but will add extra weight. It is an optional feature.

step 3:
The landing gear. I wanted to keep the total weight of the landing gear below 100 grams. I have looked arround and the only options was a combination of carbon round tubes I used for the arms and an general airplane carbon landing gear. The landing gear is PT-Model 1300 and is rated to 1.3kg. As the total weight of my Y6 will be 1.3 ot 1.4 kg this landinggear should be enough for soft landings.

As in prevouis steps I first glue all parts togheter with 30min epoxy. When the epoxy is hard I drill some 3mm holes and make is stronger with screws.

step 4:
Fix the landing gear on to the bottom plate of the frame. I drilled 4 x 3mm. When this is mounted it should look like the photo at the left.

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