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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY anti vibration motor mount for round tubes

This is a little how-to guide for making your own cheap motor mounts for round tubes (arms) with vibration absorbtion. Keep in mind that this motor mount is made for a AX-2210N brushless motor. It will use a mounting plate of 4x4cm.

step 1:
Take the arm and glue 2 short pieces of the exact same tube. I use 14mm carbon  tubes but you can do it with alu tubes as well. If you have high quality (very strong) epoxy than you can just glue everything togheter. If you do not have epoxy or medium quality glue then glue the parts togheter and add some extra screws in the next step.

step 2:
Make 2 plates 40x40x1.5 mm and drill 4mm holes in the corners. If you only use one motor per arm in you project you can just glue one plate on top of the arm. In my project I use 2 motors per arm so I glue one plate on top and one on the bottom. When you do not have high quality epoxy then wait until the glue has dried out and then drill 2 extra holes to add screws to make the motor mount stronger.

step 3:
Make a new plate 40x40x1.5 mm and drill 4mm holes in the corners. These holes are used to place the anti vibration rubbers. Then drill holes in the center of the plate to attach your motor to this plate. Fix/screw the motor to the plate. Mount the antivibration rubbers to the plate and then attach the plate via the antivibration rubbers to the arm as created in step 2.

The anti vibration rubbers are computer case fan mounting rubbers. The first batch I bought for my previous quad project came from xilence the second batch I bought for the Y6 project came from ekl. (where to buy)

step 4:
Finally it should look like this.
+ lightweight, the 2 short pieces of extra carbon tube, the 2 carbon plates and the anti vibration rubbers are only just several grams all togheter.
+ cheap

+ easy to build
+ reduces vibration

- parts are glued togheter, so you can't replace or change individual pieces.
- does look diy :)

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